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We Bring Gourmet to Your Doorsteps

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Our Gourmet Clan had hosted the first private dinning experience in London on Aug 9 in London. We had catered for a party of 6, and presented our first bespoke Scottish-Asian fusion menu paired with our specially selected wine menu. We thank our host. for the opportunity to showcase our service and the wonderful feedbacks from their guests.

Here are the our menu and wine of the evening:

Amuse Bouche

Salmon and Gin Jelly

Chicken Liver Parfait in Raspberry Gel

Paired with: Graham Beck Cap Classique Sparkling Rose NV

These two Amuse Bouche are specially created for our summertime in London. They are colourful, full of flavours yet refreshingly balanced. Our silky smooth chicken liver parfait is coated with a thin raspberry gel to balance the richness of the parfait. Then a gin jelly combining orange, lemon juice, cucumber and Tanquerry Gin. Topped with Gin marinated Salmon and horseradish mayo. This is a powerful combo of flavours with refreshing finish for our guests to get ready for the meal to come. We paired our amuse bouche with this pink sparkling it contains the finesse of champagne as it is fermented with traditional champagne method outside the champagne region, the slight tannin from Pinot Noir to cut through some richness of the chicken liver parfait while maintaining the freshness of the salmon jelly.


Treacle Seared Tuna, Rice Cracker, Caviar, Dill Oil

Paired with: Lime Stone Coast Viognier 2017

Treacle was widely used in Scotland in the past when refined sugar was rare and expensive. But today we appreciate the deep charcoal flavour treacle add to our seared tuna that enhance the the flavour of our tuna. We infused dill with olive oil to add a distinctive aroma of fennel and star anise with a slight bitter tone to enhance the taste our dish. Our bottle of Viognier is light on the nose but carries profound flavour of honeysuckle, mango and pineapple that compliment the treacle and oily tuna very well and allow the dill to emerge subtly through every mouthful.

Fish Course

Cod, Lemongrass Consomme, French Radish

Paired with: Sancerre Les Tuillieres 2017

Our consommé took 48hours to make therefore it is crystal clear yet packed with flavour. We added lemongrass to this dish for a refreshing South East Asian touch and combined with our Cod which is delicately cooked at low temperature so it is moist and succulent. We added some French Radish for a bit of crunch and a tiny bit of bittersweet and spicy after taste to enhance the strong flavour of our lemongrass consommé. The wine we chose for this dish is Sancerre Les Tuilleres 2017 which had gone through tough start (during April frost 2017) but ended very well. This is a sparse, flinty, zingy, ripe, unbaked young wine so it doesn't overwhelm the delicate flavour of the cod yet the citrus acidity of wine enhance the lemongrass flavour and compliment the 'sea' tastes of the cod.

Main Course

Tea Smoked Duck Breast, Confit Duck Bonbon, Carrot Puree, Rainbow Chard, Duck Jus

Paired with: Maremma Toscana Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

This is a triple-cooked duck breast we first rendered the fat and seared the meat, then smoked with tea to medium and finished with balsamic and heather honey glaze. We serve our duck with confit duck bonbon, silky smooth carrot puree, rainbow chard and duck jus. As a moderate climate Cab Say, the grapes of this wine get to ripen fully for more berry taste and less tannin. It's perfect for our duck which we carefully rendered the fat out so it's rich but not oily. The oak and smoky spicy notes of the wine also echo the smokiness of the duck well in every bite.


Cranachan Ice-cream, Honey Sponge, Lavender Shortbread, Raspberry Coulis

Paired with:Glenivet Founder's Reserve Whisky

Our dessert is a deconstruction of a famous Scottish dessert Cranachan. We made our ice-cream with traditional vanilla custard and whisky soaked pin-headed oats then served with lavender shortbread and heather honey sponge with fresh raspberry coulis. You can't get more traditional Scottish then this dessert! To highlight the Scottishness of the dessert, we paired it with Glenivet Founder's reserve with a cube of ice to enhance the treacle and caramel notes of the whisky to compliment our Cranachan ice-cream.

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