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FODMAP Journey

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

It is never a good experience when after many years of food indulgence your doctor says you need to change your diet because you may be suffering from various kinds of food intolerances and that's why your stomach is not happy and you feel tired and lack energy all the time. Lately I have friends being recommended to get on FODMAP diets

to find out what causes their IBS. There is a long list of items they have to give up, not just bread or sugar, the list includes onions, garlic and apples. Supposedly after 2 - 6 weeks on FODMAP, you can gradually reintroduce items on the forbidden list and find out what your stomach reacts to. Given all the intolerances flying around me lately, I wonder if my body might have some kind of intolerance that I have not paid attention to? Or does our body change over time and we need to change our diet and adapt as we get older? Prompted by this idea, I decided to put myself and my husband on the FODMAP Diet for 4 weeks and document our experiences and journey through this blog. This is not a weight loss exercise, but it's an exercise to help us to get to know ourselves and what relationships we have with our food. It will also give me, as a chef, the opportunity along the way to explore new ingredients and recipes. If you want to find out about our journey, learn about our recipes or give us your thoughts, please follow us on this blog.

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